Cuba: Boosting the cultivation of citrus

After achieving citrus productions in 3,500 new hectares that are already in operation, the workers of Agroindustrial Victoria de Giron, which is located 180 kilometers southeast of Havana, are planning to incorporate no less than 13,000 hectares in the short term.

Interestingly, the producers have developed a strategy to foster new crop areas with plantations that are more resistant to disease, have a shorter life cycle, and ultimately help increase production.

Industry experts have stated that the promotion of new citrus areas demands strict phytosanitary control, proper nutrition, and, of course, strengthening controls in the field so that the plantations can survive diseases such as Yellow Dragon.

However, the inclusion of technological improvements in irrigation systems, transportation, and machinery, as an integral system, will facilitate taking care of the plantations and will increase the efficiency levels of the citrus activity, favorably benefiting the environment by having a substantial saving of water and resources.

Last year the citrus entity from Matanzas achieved over 70,000 tons of citrus fruits, with notable growth in lime and grapefruit.

During that period it also grew 17,000 tons of other fruits and the greenhouses produced 2,400 tons of vegetables, primarily used in the touristic sector.

According to official estimates, they could achieve 250,000 tons of citrus per year in the not too distant future.


Fresh Plaza, February 10, 2016

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