Cuba – Birds – Cars – People ~ Bird Conservation in the Caribbean

WAMC radio personality Richard Guthrie is the fourth speaker in the “BIRDS: Enduring Feathered Creatures” lecture series. Guthrie is a “birder” who shares his wealth of knowledge with listeners through his “Birding with Rich Guthrie” program. He also posts a blog by the same title on the Times Union, the online version of the newspaper of the New York State capital region.

His talk on Thursday, Oct. 13 starts at 7 p.m. in Orange Hall Gallery, SUNY Orange and centers on “Cuba – Birds – Cars – People ~ Bird Conservation in the Caribbean.” This event is free and open to the public.

During this evening program, which includes many beautiful photographs taken by him of the colorful birds of the islands, Guthrie highlights “the endemic and near-endemic species of Cuba and one or two other nearby islands.” A few examples of these are the Bee Hummingbird and the Red-legged Thrush and the Cuban Tody. He also describes the efforts of “‘Birds Caribbean,’ a conservation organization focused on preserving what’s left of the natural environment on the various Caribbean islands, including Cuba,” states Guthrie.

Guthrie is a lively speaker and a hands-on bird expert who engages his audiences, both broadcast and live-in-person as he shares his experiences and expertise.

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