Cuba, Belarus Address Ways to Deepen Agricultural Cooperation

Minsk, June 1 (Prensa Latina) The Belarusian Deputy Prime Minister, Vladimir Zharko, addressed today with the Cuban Minister of Agriculture, Gustavo Rodriguez, and a delegation of agricultural entrepreneurs, the ways to deepen cooperation in that area.

Zharko was satisfied with the level of relations between Cuba and Belarus and referred to issues that could increase collaboration and bilateral trade, as well as joint ventures, at a meeting in the Council of Ministers of this country.

The deputy head of government stated that the Belarusian companies that traditionally work with Cuba to develop cooperation in the field of agriculture, are willing to venture into new lines of cooperation with their Cuban counterparts.

Belarus, in addition to having at the moment important technological advances and valid experiences for Cuban agricultural development, was for decades a traditional supplier of equipment to Cuba.

Minsk also provided specialists, who contributed in previous stages to the development of Cuban agriculture.

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