Cuba Begins Delegates’ Neighborhood Meetings to Account for Their Duty

Havana, Nov. 15 (Prensa Latina) Municipal delegates of the People’s Power elected in the 12,437 Cuban constituencies in 2017 begin today neighborhood meetings to account for their work to electors and attend to what they have to say, informed the National Assembly of People’s Power (Parliament) in a statement.

According to the legislative body, the process, which was postponed to facilitate popular consultation of the new draft Constitution in Cuba, is being carried out for the first time in the current 17th term of office of the municipal assemblies constituted in December last year.

Parliament also referred to the control of voters over the work of their representatives, and highlighted the work done in preparing newly elected delegates and administrative entities to develop the process in the 69,319 meetings scheduled.

It was also reported on the meeting convened with demonstrative character in the 1,401 town councils, to model their development which will be attended by delegates who make up the council, the mass organizations, as well as the administrative entities of each demarcation, among other participants.

Since taking up their posts, the delegates have maintained the link with the population, mainly through weekly meetings, integrated community work, in addition to other participatory channels, says the National Assembly note.

The process of accounting for is a periodical exercise through which Cubans exchange about the problems of the community and propose ideas to face the present difficulties, as well as social misconduct.

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