Cuba, Barbados to Strengthen Relations

Bridgetown, Jun 12 (Prensa Latina) Cuban Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Rogelio Sierra concluded his working visit to Barbados, of which he is very optimistic about the future of diplomatic relations between both countries.

‘Cuba and Barbados have a lot to contribute to the unity of the Caribbean and Latin America; it is a very important relationship. That is why we can affirm that the future between our two nations is very promising,’ Sierra told local newspaper Barbados Advocate.

On his official Twitter account the Cuban Deputy Minister wrote that the leaders of these two Caribbean countries will work together to strengthen bilateral relations, one of the reasons for his stay here, where he came to consolidate ties.

He also mentioned that he had the honor of meeting with the Prime Minister, Mia Motley; the general governor, Dame Sandra Prunella; and the permanent secretary of the Barbadian Foreign Ministry and director of the Caribbean Section, Sandra Gittens, with whom she talked about future relations.

At the meeting, common areas of work such as climate change and disaster risks were identified, and Sierra expressed that his country will continue to support Barbados and other nations of the Caribbean community so that they can be compensated for the damage caused by slavery.

Accompanied by the permanent secretary of the Ministry of Culture, Terry Bascombe, he placed a wreath before the statue of the Emancipation of Bussa, the work of Barbadian sculptor Karl Broodhagen to commemorate the rebellion of slaves in this country, in 1816.

Then the Cuban official paid tribute to the 73 people who died in the explosion of a Cuban commercial aircraft on October 6, 1976, erected in the town of Saint James.

The monument was inaugurated by the historical leader of the Cuban revolution, Fidel Castro, in 1998, at the exact same time that, according to the official part of the control tower of the then Seawell airport, the first warning signal of the CUT 1201 was received, which would explode soon after.

During his stay here Sierra also thanked Barbados for its support to Cuba, in the battle for the end of the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States on his country more than 50 years ago.

Barbados is one of the stops for Sierra and her delegation on this tour of the Caribbean, which began on the June 5 in Trinidad and Tobago, followed by Suriname, and which also includes Guyana and Jamaica.

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