Cuba Applies New Surgical Method for Knee Problems

Matanzas, Cuba, May 14 (Prensa Latina) More than 110 Cuban patients suffering from a very disabling knee pathology present a better quality of life after being operated here by orthopedic Enrique Pancorbo with a method from China.

The ailment is the popularly called knee pain (osteoarthritis of the knee) characterized by pain, insecurity and functional loss and, according to medical literature, this is a degenerative pathology with increasing global prevalence in recent decades.

That increase, health statistics state, is linked to the rise in life expectancy, a phenomenon not only in first world countries but also in Cuba, attributed in this Caribbean nation to the development of its health system.

Pancorbo, a second-degree specialist in orthopedics, told Prensa Latina that he has been applying since April 2016 the new technique known in the slang as ‘fibula osteoctomy to treat the painful genu varum’.

This procedure consists of a two-centimeter incision below the head of the fibula, to extract the same size of bone, an application considered to be simple, practical and economic, without the expense of great material resources.

German Miranda, 58, was the first patient who underwent surgery 24 months ago and said he felt almost at one hundred percent of his old abilities.

Felix Calzadilla (58, worker), and Teresa Sanchez (59, laboratory technician), both with a normal life, spoke in similar terms, and ‘we paraded on May Day, thanks to the health system of our country.’

Another nine specialists from the aforementioned hospital in Matanzas are participating with Pancorbo in this study.

It is part of their thesis for the Ph.D. in Medical Sciences, in which Professor Emeritus Alfredo Ceballos is a tutor.

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