Cuba Appeals to Joint Efforts to Avert Aggression on Venezuela

Havana, Feb 19 (Prensa Latina) Cuba’s Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez has appealed to the international community to make joint efforts to avert a US military aggression on Venezuela.

At a meeting at the Foreign Ministry with 108 ambassadors and chiefs of diplomatic missions, Rodriguez made the call on behalf of the Cuban Government to act in defense of peace.

The Minister insisted on the importance that governments, parliaments, political forces, social, people movements, national and international organizations and ONGs publicly express their stance against the use of military force.

He made the call at times when Washington seems to be resolved in creating conditions for a military intervention in Venezuela, using as a pretext an alleged humanitarian crisis and the need to palliate it, as spearheads.

Later on, Bruno Rodriguez rebuffed Donald Trump’s speech in Miami in which the US President threatened to do away with Socialism in the world and threatened to attack Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba.

The Minister wrote in Twitter Trump’s address was aggressive and offensive.

For Rodriguez, defense of peace admits no nuances. ‘One can be in favor or against a foreign military intervention. It is to choose between defense of the right to life or human losses, violence, bloodshed.’ 

These days, thousands of Cubans are signing a declaration at working centers, study and communities as part of an international campaign demanding the US: ‘Hands Off Venezuela.’ 

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