Cuba Annually Plants over 17,000 Hectares of Forests

Havana, Jun 27 (Prensa Latina) Cuba annually plants 17,000 hectares of forests, which allows the country’s trees to reach an area of 31.3 percent, today reported Raquel Palacios, specialist of the Agroforestry Business Group.

The projections until 2030 include to plant 797,000 hectares of timber trees for several programs, including carpentry, housing, packaging, apicultural modules and others, Palacios added at a press conference attended by First Vice President of the Group, Arturo Forteza, and other executives.

According to Palacios, among the main activities and productions that they carry out are afforestation and reforestation, through the promotion of new areas of producing, protective and conservation forests, as well as natural fibers.

They also manufacture sawn wood for the internal demand of organisms of the Central State Administration, wood for tobacco production, and charcoal for national consumption and export.

Likewise, they produce pine resin, public service poles for the electricity and telephone company (about 30,000 per year), packaging modules, boxes, pallets addressed to the food program, hive boxes and some blank carpentry items demanded by the population.

It includes the manufacture of natural fibers for the national industry, providing raw material for making ropes, detergent, among the main items.

The Group also manages 12 protected areas, four of national significance and eight local, and recently joined the nature tourism, with 73 sites of interest throughout the country, and with great potential to become products in that industry.

It also works in the creation of energetic forests for the production of forest biomass directed to the bioelectric program of the island.

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