Cuba Announces Increase of Benefits in Social Assistance, Security

Havana, Oct 30 (Prensa Latina) The Cuban government announced on Tuesday the approval of a new measure that increases the benefits of social assistance and minimum pensions in the Caribbean island.

‘This is a partial advance to those that must be adopted in order to fix the situation of salaries, pensions and social assistance benefits,’ the deputy head of the Cuban Ministry of Labor and Social Security, Yusimi Campos, said in a press conference.

Campos pointed out in this capital that the Revolution maintains the principle of not leaving any homeless citizen and prioritize those people or families with low incomes with those approved measures.

Campos reported that ‘The monetary benefits of the family units protected by social assistance increased by 70 pesos, and the social security pensions from 200 to 242 pesos’.

The increase in social assistance favors 99,114 households, which includes 157,791 people.

She also said, that the general social security scheme will benefit 445,748 retired citizens who currently receive pensions under 242 pesos.

The annual cost of this decision amounts to 313 million 321,554 pesos and will start in force on November 1.

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