Cuba and USA Hold Fourth Meeting on Regulation Issues

Washington, Dec 14 (Prensa Latina) Cuba has reiterated the need to end the economic blockade of the United States against Cuba, which has lasted 54 years.

The comments were made during the fourth talks on relations between the two countries held in Washington on December 12th and 13th.

The meeting was to assess the effect of the new measures taken by the US Government to change the implementation of some areas of the blockade against Cuba. These new measure are considered to be very limited by Cuba.

Cuba was represented in this fourth meeting by Ileana Nuñez Mordoche, vice minister of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment, as well as by senior officials from ministries of Foreign Trade, Foreign Affairs and Energy and Mines and the Central Bank of Cuba.

The US delegation was led by Mark Wells, the coordinator of the State Department Office for Cuban Affairs and representatives from the Treasury and Trade and State Departments.

As part of the normalization of ties between the two countries, the sixth technical meeting between Coastguard Troops from Cuba and the US Coastguard Service was held on the same date in Washington.

According to a statement issued today by the Cuban ministry of Foreign Affairs (Minrex), the meeting was held in an environment marked by respect and professionalism.

The statement also said that the meetings were very useful for coordinating the fight against mutual challenges and threats, such as illegal immigration, human trafficking and drug trafficking, in accordance with the role of the two coastguard services.

The two sides also agreed on the importance of consolidating and increasing cooperation between the Cuban and US Coastguard Services.


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