Cuba and the US to Assign Security Agents in Charter Flights

Havana.- The Institute of Civil Aeronautics of Cuba (IACC) and the US Transport Safety Administration (TSA) safety officials will open a corp of safety agents for chárter flights, sources of the Cuban Foreign Affairs Ministry of the Caribbean nation said here Friday.

According to Josefina Vidal, general director of the United States of the Cuban Foreign Ministry, both entities adopted this month a cooperation arrangement for such objective.

Recently, authorities of the island did emphasis in that the questions in the bosom of the US legislature on supposed shortcomings in the airport safety and of aviation by Cuba, lack foundation.

Vidal shared in her personal account in Twitter an interview granted to Cuban website Cubadebate by the head of the Safety Department of the IACC, Armando Garbalosa, who considered the accusations in the US Congress on the supposed violations, without any foundation.

Garbalosa pointed out that from the year 2000 until the date, 33 visits to Cuba took place by the technical staff of the TSA, which were regularized from 2003.

According to the authorities of the island, the accusations take as target to spread the fear and to prevent the citizens of the northern country from traveling to Cuba, although managers and executives of the TSA attested that the relation of this entity with the IACC is strong and professional.

The charter flights between two nations were restored in the 90s of last century and the statistics demonstrate that in the last times, the charter trips add several hundreds every month.

In 2015 the total was of 4,783, and in the first half of 2016, another 3,452 trips were registered without one only incident putting the security in danger. (PL), July 22, 2016

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