Cuba and the U.S.A. Re-establish Diplomatic Relations

July 20, 2015 | After intense months of talks between the governments of Cuba and the United States, as had been announced, diplomatic relations between the two countries were re-established on Monday, at 12:01 midnight.

Coinciding with the date of the re-establishment of relations, at 10:33 a.m., the voice of a young officer of the Ceremony Unit of the General Staff of the Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces will be heard, and after the usual protocol the Cuban flag will be hoisted in the garden of the now embassy of the island to the United States, and the notes of the national anthem will be heard.

Moments later Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez will go to the auditorium on the first floor of the house marked with number 2630 on 16th Street, a few blocks from the White House, and address some 700 guests, which according to organizers many have come to ask to attend the ceremony accompanied. Others said that although they didn’t get an invitation they would outside the building, the surrounding area of which is expected to be crowded.

Havana City Historian Eusebio Leal told ACN that the opening of the embassy in this country is for him “the recognition of the legitimacy of the Cuban people and the Revolution itself, denied for years by the United States.”

“Hostile methods did not work, so that’s why a new stage begins; it does not mean that the ceremony this July 20 ends the problem, on the contrary, it opens a chapter in deeper and more complex things to deal with,” pointed out Leal.

“I would say like National Hero Jose Marti said: ‘it had to be in silence and somewhat indirectly’ because what ends on Monday started long ago and has been negotiated arduously. The fact that the flag is hoisted here first, we being the affronted, the expelled, the sons of the desert, and that then they go to Havana, has a high symbolic value,” he stated.

“Our good will is put on the table, and I also believe that of President Barack Obama and Raul acknowledged this in Panama,” he said.

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