Cuba and Indonesia commit to mutually increase business

By Marlen Borges Zayas

Havana, Jan 11 (Prensa Latina) Fraternity and mutual support have always been premises in the dialogue and exchange between Cuba and Indonesia, two sister nations that celebrate 60 years of diplomatic relations this January.

One of the most important bets for the future is the expansion of economic-commercial ties, according to Mr. N. Purniawan, deputy director for Latin America and the Caribbean, of the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who visited the island in 2019.

The official explained to Businesses in Cuba that in November two delegations from his country came to Havana, one from the Foreign Ministry and another from the Chamber of Commerce, which held meetings with their Cuban counterparts and with representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and the Foreign Investment, exploring new commercial possibilities.

Cuba needs investors, so we are here looking for business opportunities, and I think that from this visit there will be an increase, I am optimistic, said Purniawan, when interviewed during the last International Fair of Havana.

We are here to show our products, our culture, he added.

Among the exportable goods of his country he mentioned: palm oil, footwear, textiles, rubber, cocoa, coffee, seafood, especially shrimp, and furniture.

He said that Cuban tobacco is very famous in Indonesia and its music is quite familiar, there is also a mutual desire to expand trade.

For his part, the second secretary and business manager of the Indonesian Embassy, ??Mr. Sahid Nurkarim, said that one of the topics to be discussed in the current talks is the achievement of direct trade, and not through other countries.

The trend in exchange between the two island nations is growing, he said.

Diplomatic relations were formalized on January 22, 1959, whereby the Asian nation became the first to establish links with the revolutionary Government.

Since then, a history of mutual collaboration, support and correspondence – with greater emphasis on the political, sports and socio-cultural fields – and a commitment to reciprocal protection of investments, characterize the links.

Visits, exchange missions and signing of agreements in the areas of health, culture, sport and education have been carried out.

There is a bilateral will to strengthen relations in biotechnology, pharmaceutical industry, energy and direct foreign trade, among other sectors.

Cuba provided humanitarian aid to Indonesia when it was affected by a tsunami in Aceh province in 2004, and by an earthquake in the city of Yogyakarta in 2006.


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