Cuba and Germany Will Discuss Biopharmaceutical Cooperation

Next Wednesday, April 14 the Cuba-Germany Business Forum
Next Wednesday, April 14 the Cuba-Germany Business Forum “Possibilities for Cooperation in the Biotechnological and Biopharmaceutical Sector” will take place in a virtual format. | Photo: Twitter/@MICEX_CUBA

Cuba and Germany will explore the possibilities for cooperation in the biotechnological and biopharmaceutical sector through a virtual business forum on April 14, the ProCuba center informed today.

April 5 (teleSUR) The event will be organized by the Cuban Chamber of Commerce and the German Office for the Promotion of Trade and Investment in Cuba. It will include presentations by Cuban companies and institutions in the sector.

The business forum will be chaired by BioCubaFarma, with the participation of the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, Cimab S.A., the Finlay Vaccine Institute, and the Center for State Control of Medicines, Equipment and Medical Devices.

According to the organizers, it is designed to present the Cuban biotechnology and biopharmaceutical sector’s experiences and potential.

It will be an opportunity to provide first-hand information on the main products contained in the Business Opportunities Portfolio, aimed at identifying new projects and joint cooperation in the future, according to the digital portal of the Center for the Promotion of Foreign Trade and Investment (ProCuba).

According to the German Trade and Investment Promotion Office website in Cuba, the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector in Cuba has a worldwide reputation thanks to its high standards of innovation and quality.

[email protected]_cubaPróximo 14 de abril tendrá lugar el Foro Empresarial Virtual, #Cuba y #Alemania. La cita permitirá adquirir informaciones de primera mano sobre los principales productos biotecnológicos y biofarmacéuticos cubanos. #CubaExporta#Cuba

“Next April 14, the Cuba-Germany Virtual Business Forum will take place. The appointment will allow acquiring first-hand information on the main Cuban biotechnological and biopharmaceutical products. #CubaExports #Cuba

BioCubaFarma, a group of companies comprising the Caribbean island’s biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry, has a consolidated international presence with more than 740 sanitary registrations in more than 50 countries, more than 2,500 patents and patent applications worldwide, and exports to more than 40 nations.

The main products in its portfolio are biopharmaceuticals for the prevention and treatment of various ailments such as cancer, infectious and cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and also for COVID-19 and diagnostic reagents and medical devices.

BioCubaFarma’s subsidiaries participate in joint ventures with foreign partners in China, Singapore, Thailand, Great Britain, Spain, and also in Cuba, in the Mariel Special Development Zone, the German Office’s digital portal added.

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