Cuba and EU strengthen bilateral ties

HAVANA, Cuba, Dec 4 (ACN) Ana Teresita Gonzalez, first deputy minister of foreign trade and foreign investment, called on Thursday for progress in strengthening bilateral relations between Cuba and the European Union (EU), based on solidarity and cooperation, for the benefit of sustainable development.

During her words at the closing of the third Sub-Committee on Cuba-EU Cooperation, the Cuban representative stated that the collaboration between both sides is destined “to be increasingly effective on the basis of the links that we have managed to forge in a framework of respect, transparency and trust,” the official website of the Cuban ministry of foreign trade and foreign investment published.

The official also reiterated the Cuban position that “cooperation beyond our borders” and “Cuba’s strengths in education, health, and biotechnology and in dealing with natural disasters can be the foundation for future joint actions to strengthen triangular and South-South cooperation in regions such as the Caribbean and Africa.

Referring to the coming cycle of cooperation for 2021-2027, Gonzalez said it carries with it new challenges and it will be essential to carry out actions with a high impact on local communities, contributing to their development.

These sessions close a joint programming cycle in 2020, while defining priorities until 2027.

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