Cuba and Egypt look for an approach by means of the radio

Cairo, Jun 20 (Prensa Latina) With similarities and decades-long relations continuing so far, Cuba and Egypt could be brought closer together by means of music, radio, and the spread of content on traditions and events in each of their peoples.

‘The Egyptian-Cuban ties are historical, deepened in the 1960s, there is a great similarity between their people and strong ties at the government level,’ assured the president of Radio Cairo, Mohamed Nawar, at the end of a meeting with Cuba’s ambassador Tania Aguiar whose review was broadcast on local television.

The Cuban side – Nawar added – will enrich us with its beautiful music that we all know very well, Egyptians sing and dance salsa and more, we can take advantage of that and spread it on the different radio stations, especially those aimed at young people or the Middle East.

After thanking the diplomat for being present in his office at the Radio and Television Institute, Nawar commented that this is a fruitful start, a good step towards greater success.

Interviewed by journalists at the end of the event, Aguiar said that such dialogue allowed to appreciate how far both nations can go with collaborative initiatives.

‘We are looking for an approach, exploring ways of cooperation, which could be materialized with exchanges of information services with the News Agency Prensa Latina; in addition to disclosing our musical expressions and other samples of Caribbean culture, a mixture of influences,’ added the ambassador.

The Egyptian side showed interest in creating a regular space for programmes on Cuba, in cooperation with Prensa Latina.

‘Both countries have points of contact, strengths and mutual sympathy that will allow them to deepen ties, which date back to 1949,’ Aguiar emphasized.


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