Cuba and Denmark to expand inter-parliamentary relations

cubanew/acn 24 November 2020

Folketingssalen 2018a.jpg

HAVANA, Cuba, Nov 24 (ACN) Roger Lopez, Cuban ambassador to Denmark, and Berthel Haarder, president of the Foreign Affairs Committee, and the Nordic Council (parliamentary body in charge of relations between Nordic nations), exchanged about inter-parliamentary relations between the two peoples.

In a meeting at the “Folketing”, seat of the Danish Parliament, the Cuban diplomat conveyed the desire to promote inter-parliamentary relations and cooperation as contribution to the development of ties between the two countries, Cubaminrex website published.

Lopez also explained to his host the Cuban democratic model and the approval of the new Constitution -adopted in 2019-, as a result of a widely participatory process, developed with broad transparency and freedom.
He also spoke about the bases of Cuba´s economic-social development strategy, which opens up the possibilities for developing commercial bonds with other countries and the desire to direct an investment process with different foreign entities in Cuba.

During the meeting, the diplomat pointed out the efforts of his nation despite the increase in the economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States and its consequences for Cuban population.

He also discussed other aspects of the work of Cuban health professionals in the face of the pandemic, referred to international medical collaboration and the nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize to the Henry Reeve Brigade.
The Danish politician, a member of the Liberal Party, in opposition to the Government, agreed to promote ties of friendship between the parliaments of Cuba and Denmark.

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