Cuba again as guest in Caribbean Baseball Series

HAVANA, Cuba, Jun 19 (acn) Cuba will return as invited team to the upcoming edition of the Caribbean Baseball Series, to be held from February 1 st to 7, 2016, in Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic, confirmed the Caribbean Confederation of Professional Baseball.

The Caribbean organization, made up by the leagues of Puerto Rico, Mexico, Venezuela and Dominican Republic, decided to invite again Cuba, current monarch of the baseball classic played this year in the Puerto Rican city of San Juan, reported the sports publication Jit.

The body also determined to maintain the same competitive format used in the last two editions, in which the four teams with the best results qualify to the semi-finals, and the winners of those matches will face off in a final match for the title.

Another decision taken by the Caribbean Confederation of Professional Baseball was the re-election as president of the organization of the Dominican Juan Francisco Puello Herrera, who will assume that position for the sixth consecutive time.

The baseball entity expressed its intention for Cuba to officially be part of the organization, in order to this nation to be able to host again the Caribbean Series very soon.

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