Cuba Advocates at UN for Changing Unequal International Order

Image result for Cuba at united nationsUnited Nations, Oct 8 (Prensa Latina) Cuba”s permanent representative to the UN, Anayansi Rodriguez, highlighted on Monday the need to change the current international order, unjust and profoundly unequal, and to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of States.

Speaking at the General Assembly in the plenary session of the Secretary General of the United Nations about the work of the multilateral body, the ambassador called for the cessation of unilateral coercive measures against developing countries, and an end to colonialism and foreign occupation.

In that sense, she denounced the unjust economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States against Cuba for more than 50 years.

Rodriguez also rejected the use or threat of force in international relations, and demanded non-interference in the internal affairs of States, as well as settling international disputes by peaceful means. She also stressed that respect for the political, economic, social and cultural system of every country contributes not only to sustainable development, but to the maintenance of international peace and security.

A true political will, hand in hand with solidarity and international cooperation, are the only solution to the current challenges, for instance, the existence of 3,460 million people who live in poverty, she said.

The best way to prevent conflicts is to eradicate their root causes, which is why Cuba calls on the international community to redouble its efforts to eradicate poverty, inequality, hunger and social exclusion, the ambassador reiterated.

She also reaffirmed Cuba’s support for the process of reforms of the multilateral body to make it more democratic and effective.

Cuba reiterated that the rules of coexistence based on friendship, cooperation and respect, without interference in internal affairs, are indispensable in international relations, and pointed out that multilateralism is now more important than ever.

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