Cuba advances on its vaccine as a sovereign option against Covid-19

Cuba advances on its vaccine as a sovereign option against Covid-19

Lima, Jun 21 (Prensa Latina) Cuba’s Ambassador to Peru Sergio Gonzalez highlighted the sovereign nature of the vaccine candidate that his country is developing independently, which is reflected in its name Soberana 01.

‘Getting our vaccine would mean reaffirming sovereignty in the fight against the pandemic in the midst of the hostile imperial blockade to which we are subjected. Hence, the vaccine’s name,’ the diplomat said in a virtual forum that he shared with Peruvian experts and analysts.

Gonzalez confirmed that on upcoming Monday Soberana 01 will enter the clinical trial phase, in 20 human beings from 19 to 59 years old, and a week later with another 20 group from 60 to 80 years old.

‘The vaccine that we develop will allow us to have it and that poor countries can also do it because they will hardly be able to do it like those of the first world,’ added the diplomat during his speech.

He set out that Cuba may not be the first country to obtain the vaccine, but he assured that it will be among the first to immunize most of its population.

‘Soberana 01 comes after three months of wakefulness, of nights and days without rest, of dismissing ideas, including others, studying, testing, adjusting,’ he said, before explaining the technical details of the vaccine project development process.

He explained that Soberana 01’s strategy is based on the time factor, since it could not wait for the 10 years it normally takes to develop a vaccine and the complementarity of Cuba’s scientific, technological and productive capacities.

As a third pillar, he noted that the vaccine was grounded on existing technology platforms (building on earlier vaccines), accelerating the path to candidate development.


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