Cuba – a popular place for the U.S. female pilots

If you are a female pilot from the United States, you should really go to Cuba. Officials from Cuba Civil Aviation confirmed more female pilots flew to their country since there have been better relations with the United States. The first woman to pilot an all-female crew on a private plane to Cuba was from Tennessee.  After her, others had the chance to follow their dreams and prove that not only men can be pilots.

The airport workers said it was unusual to see a woman as a pilot, but they should get used to because there will be more in the future. In November 2015, Linda Cioffi flew a private plane from Albany, with Anna Brooks to Varadero. After that, one month later, Amelia Reiheld went to Havana with two male passengers. In June 2016, Mary Ann Claire went also to Havana. She was followed in August by Amanda Farnsworth, who flew a private plane.

What did they discover there? Cuba is a different world, compared to what they were used to in the United States. The female pilots saw neighbors who communicate often in the streets, children who laugh and play together and adults who play cards in parks. However, Cuba has also some issues, especially when it comes to infrastructure. The first commercial plane landed on Wednesday, since the embargo that was 55 years ago.

In the last five decades, most of the female pilot population have grown between 1960 and 1980. That happens because there was a strong feminist message and women were encouraged to try as many activities as possible.

The number of female pilots went from 4, 218 to 26, 896. Moreover, there were more women who had a pilot certificate. However, only 4.3 percent of the population is making a living as a pilot female. This happens because most women are afraid to try this kind of jobs or still think that the society will judge them.

There were female pilots who made history. Every person should follow his/her dreams, no matter how impossible they seem. Females gain the right to have jobs as difficult as men. There should be no surprise that, in the future, we will see more women as pilots.  Some people say the sky is the limit, but for them, the sky is their second home.

Melissa Gansler, The Monitor Daily

September 6, 2016

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