Cruiser Tourism Expects Record in 2016

Washington.- Previsions of the Cruiser Lines International Association (CLIA) indicate the cruiser tourism industry will reach this year the 24 million passengers in all the world, compared to the 23 million registered last year.

Such forecasts are based on data contributed by a study of the World Tourism Organization that show cruiser vacations rose 23 percent over the last decade.

Interim president of the CLIA, Cindy D’Aoust, expressed that lines of that kind of tourism ships are constantly renovating their offer and itineraries, with which they exceed vocational experiences of other sectors.

Among the reasons for that take-off considered the variety of the offer, both in destinations as in services inside the ship itself and the cost of the product is adapted to different kinds of clients.

D’Aoust commented that river cruisers are also experiencing a big boost with options that it was unthinkable to travel by cruisers,

while luxury operators expand their fleets responding to a rise in demand.

CLIA has 15 offices and is represented in the United States, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Australia and is integrated by the 25 most important cruiser lines of North America.

It was created due to the need to promote special benefits of cruisers and boosts the necessary measures to promote an environment of secure and healthy ships besides educating and capacitating its members.

This organization is the biggest association of cruiser ships worldwide and looks to promote and expand the industry and operates under an agreement presented before the Federal Maritime Commission and serves as a Consulting Non-government Organization before the International Maritime Organization. (PL), February 28, 2016

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