Council of Ministers of Cuba readies plan to face coronavirus

Havana, Feb 1 (Prensa Latina) The Council of Ministers of Cuba approved a plan for the prevention and control of the coronavirus, which is known as the ‘Wuhan Pneumonia,’ announced the national press.

The Council conducted a meeting, headed by President Miguel Diaz-Canel and First Minister Manuel Marrero, adopting a strategy against the pandemic of the new virus.

The press has also revealed a work meeting of various Organisms of the Central State Administration, chaired by Minister of Public Health Dr. Jose Angel Portal Miranda and the Chief of Staff of Civil Defense Ramon Pardo Guerra.

In the Minister’s words, a strategy of work among the sectors was conceived to allow to keep to a minimum the risk of entry and propagation of the virus over national territory, as well as minimize the negative effects of an epidemic on the population and its impact on the economical and social spheres.

To this effect, the Ministry of Public Health must guarantee the existence of personnel of the International Health Control, who are responsible for checking passengers on arrival via sea and air.

The epidemiological vigilance is to be heightened as well at the different levels of health so as to assist the sanitary units wherever a case with suspicion of virus may arise.

He stressed that the epidemiological vigilance for an early detection allows to reduce the likelihood of the propagation of the disease, on which there is still much uncertainty, and whose outbreak was declared as an emergency by the World Health Organization.


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