Costa Rican President Reiterates Rejection to Blockade against Cuba

By Victor M. Carriba San Jose, Oct 18 (Prensa Latina) President of Costa Rica, Luis Guillermo Solis, stated today that the blockade the United States has imposed against Cuba for more than half a century does not contributes at all to the current reality in Latin America.

Referring to the upcoming vote at the United Nations on a resolution presented by Cuba to eliminate the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by Washington against the island, the Costa Rican president insisted that ‘we will vote against it’.

In exclusive statements to Prensa Latina in Havana, Solis recalled that he has already expressed such position ‘loudly’ during his speech at the UN General Assembly last September.

The blockade does not contribute to the efforts of the Cuban and US governments to normalize their relations and ther is no reason for it to exist at a time like this’, he said.

The president also criticized the U.S. laws that inhibit the possibilities of rapprochement between the two countries, which should not be supported ‘as they have not for several decades by the vast majority of the states included in the UN’.

The president described as extraordinary the efforts of the presidents of Cuba, Raul Castro; and the United States, Barack Obama, to advance in the bilateral relations.


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