Correa Criticizes US for Ignoring Demands Against Blockade on Cuba

presidente-ecuatoriano-rafael-correa[1]El Coca, Ecuador, Nov 7.- President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, criticized the United States for ignoring the demands of the international community to lift the unilateral blockade against Cuba for over 50 years.Unfortunately there is no system of global justice (forcing it to comply with the resolutions) remarked the president, who called overwhelming the sentence received by the US sanctions against the Caribbean Island last week at the UN General Assembly.

At that time, 188 nations voted in favor of lifting the US blockade against Cuba, against the opposition of the United States and Israel the only countries that persist in opposing the measure imposed by Washington on Havana in 1962.

During a talk with the foreign press in this city of the Amazonian Ecuador, Correa noted yesterday that the attitude assumed by Washington in front of the world reiterated claim show the need of other countries of the world to become stronger.

He also lashed out at the Organization of American States (OAS) and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights for being based at United States, a country, he said, that maintain a blockade on Cuba and has not even ratified the American Convention on Human Right. (Prensa Latina)

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