Constitutional Process Is a Landmark of Popular Participation in Cuba

Havana, Oct 14 (Prensa Latina) The debates on the new Draft Resolution in every Cuban neighborhood, school and work place involves millions of people and it is a landmark of popular participation, the lawmaker Yohana Odriozola said in Havana.

In statements to Prensa Latina, the member of the People’s Power National Assembly’s commission in charge of drawing up the new Constitution noted the importance of the people’s contribution to the popular consultations before the drawing up of the law of laws.

‘We are in the presence of a landmark, a roadmap on people’s participation and how we must channel it in light of local and national decision,’ noted Odriozola, who is also the juridical director of the Ministry of Economy and Planning and the secretary of the Economic Affairs Commission of the Cuban Parliament.

According to Odriozola, the consultation that started on August 13 and will conclude on November 15 is an opportunity to improve the Draft Constitution approved by the National Assembly after the submission of valuable proposals nationwide.

‘This debate leads to fruitful dialogue, learning about more important issues regarding the Constitution and citizens’ main concerns about the objective of building a better society,’ she explained.

In that regard, the parliamentarian noted that Cubans from different sectors and generations have shown good preparation to express their criteria in a process of constitutional reform that is not alien to them.

‘At this point of time, we have held nearly half of the planned meetings (about 135,000), with good criteria and opinions, most of which are aimed at reinforcing socialism on the island, something that is very important at this time of continuity of the Revolution,’ she added.

Odriozola pointed out that citizens have expressed a wide range of issues of economic, political and social nature, focused on the need to channel the debate on the new Carta Magna, which would replace the one in force since 1976 if it is approved at a national referendum.

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