Congressperson describes US policy towards Cuba as shameful

Washington, Jul 30 (Prensa Latina) Democratic Congressperson James McGovern described US policy towards Cuba as shameful, and acknowledged the huge suffering caused by the US blockade against Cuba.

The Massachusetts legislator, who is the chairperson of the House Rules Committee, regretted that the US President, Republican Donald Trump, once again led his country to a failed Cold War policy regarding Cuba.

Such a stance, the lawmaker expressed in the Lower House, hurts the Cuban people, and denies US farmers and companies the opportunity to interact with their counterparts in Cuba.

In all, our policy is a disgrace, added McGovern, who called for a change in position towards Cuba and stressed his interest in being part of that effort.

If we can have trade with China, Russia and Vietnam, we can have trade with Cuba. If Americans can travel to every country in the world, we have to be able to travel to Cuba without restrictions, he noted.

According to the Democratic representative, if the United States really cares about human rights and human suffering, ‘we must recognize that the US blockade against Cuba is causing enormous suffering to the Cuban people.’


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