Communication Experts Meet in Havana

Havana, Nov 13 (Prensa Latina) The 9th International Meeting for Researchers and scholars of Information and Communication (ICOM) is beginning sessions today with the participation of professionals from some 15 countries.

The president of the organizing committee of ICOM, Raul Garces, said that the issue of the meeting is ‘Society, working environments and university: transdisciplinary views from information and communication.’

According to the dean of the Faculty of Communication of the University of Havana, the meeting is attended by more than 600 foreign and Cuban delegates.

Participants will present until November 17 at the Conference Center in Havana more than 340 papers, and discuss about the Cuban development model and the role of information in the future of the island.

Garces highlighted at a news conference about ICOM that the objective is to identify the international experience that can serve as a reference to the Cuban development model, produce a discussion in the theoretical field and introduce it into the political one.

The ICOM agenda includes lectures by personalities from France, Argentina, Spain, Bolivia, the Great Britain, Uruguay, Portugal, the United States and Brazil.

The academic program contains roundtable discussions in which different Cuban entities will present their experiences.

ICOM is organized every two years by the Faculty of Communication of the University of Havana and its first edition was in 1996.

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