Colombian-Cuban Fraternity Week Gives Way to Solidarity Meeting

Cali, Colombia, Oct 14 (Prensa Latina) The conclusion of the Colombian-Cuban Fraternity Week takes place today at the beginning of the XXV Meeting of the Solidarity Movement of Colombia with Cuba, which will extended until this weekend in the Valle del Cauca capital.

The Fraternity Week, which began last Monday, held a business meeting on the last day entitled ‘Investment Opportunities and Bilateral Trade for Colombian Businessmen in Cuba’.

At the event, held at the Chamber of Commerce of Cali, the Cuban ambassador in Colombia, Jose Luis Ponce, accompanied by the president of the Institute of Friendship with the Peoples, Congresswoman Kenia Serrano, gave extensive information on business opportunities existing on the island for Cali entrepreneurship. The Commercial Counselor of the Cuban Embassy in Bogotá, Jamine Beltran, also spoke. Businessmen in the department of Valle del Cauca discussed investment opportunities and also on the impact of the US economic, commercial and financial blockade on the economy of Havana with their Cuban peers.

The former Minister of Economy Finance Jose Luis Rodriguez, who had delivered lectures on the current situation of the Cuban economy during the week, also took part in the business meeting.

The impact on Latin American people of the media disinformation with regards to the Cuban reality was also discussed.


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