Collaborators in Venezuela reject campaigns against Cuba

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Barquisimeto, Venezuela, Dec 8 (Prensa Latina) Cuban residents and collaborators in this Venezuelan city on Sunday approved a statement against the alleged actions by Latin America’s extreme right wing to discredit the work of Cuban medical personnel abroad.

At a meeting with representatives of the Cuban Consulate in Valencia, participants rejected the accusations against the Cuban medical missions in some countries of the region, where a discredit campaign against doctors and other collaborators is being carried out as a way to justify the end of contracts with Cuba.

Participants demonstrated the true background of these campaigns and reaffirmed the principles and values that characterize Cubans and their Revolution.

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They condemned the United States blockade of Cuba, and recalled two important historic events that were commemorated on December 7: the 123rd anniversary of the fall in combat of independence hero Antonio Maceo and the 30th anniversary of Operation Tribute to bring home the remains of Cuban internationalists killed in Africa.

Present at the rally were members of the Association of Cuban Residents in Venezuela (ACCREVEN) in Lara state, collaborators and Gabriel Guerrero, representative of the Mayor’s Office in Iribarren.


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