CNN’s Business Traveller Heads to Cuba

CNN’s Richard Quest is heading to Cuba for April’s ‘Business Traveller’, following the relaxation of a 54 year old embargo against the country.

Cuba bursts with colourful vintage cars and old-time Americana charm, with its capital Havana serving as a time capsule of the late 50s – the last time Cuba imported goods from the US. As the walls fall down on the 54-year-old embargo, will American tourism and capitalism rise on the island?

Host Richard Quest travels through old Havana, exploring the existing landscape and how it might change: what corporations will set up shop? What spots are the hoteliers eyeing? Which airlines will fly in? Quest speaks to the people that are about to change the face of Cuba even trying his hand at rolling classic Cuban cigars, as a popular cigar company opens up about their own potential gains in the US market.

In December 2014, President Obama announced his desire to improve US diplomatic relations with Cuba.

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