CIREN Develops About 50 Research Projects in Cuba

CIREN Develops About 50 Research Projects

Feb 23 (Radio Rebelde) The International Neurological Restoration Center (CIREN) founded by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro on February 26 th, 1989, develops 14 research lines that has become some 50 projects, announced an export on Thursday in Havana.

The President of the organizing committee of the Scientific Event on occasion of the foundation of CIREN, Dr. Maria de los Angeles Robinson Agramonte, told ACN that among the research projects is Autism Spectrum disorder.

This makes up four clinical entities that go from profound language disorders, hyperactivity, development, confusion and others, said the specialist in Immunology from CIREN’s Immune-chemical Department.

The Researcher said that the department works the basic part of the project and studies neurobiology for the ailment in the case of autism spectrum disorders, as in the case of epilepsy.

She added that in autism in particular they developed a model induced in rats that will also allow the creation of a basis to evaluate intervention tools related with the illness.

Another of the research projects of the department is Parkinson disease, said Robinson Agramonte who has been working at CIREN for 27 years.

During the activity for the anniversary of the center that will extend until Monday a group of professionals from different areas of CIREN will be recognized for their scientific achievements in 2017.

An important example for the department of immune-chemistry, that was founded since the creation of CIREN has been dedicated to basic and joint research and the work of assistance support in carrying out diagnostic tests for ailments, she said.

Six of the researchers that work in the center obtained their PhD last year and another two professionals were granted the Annual Health Award by the Ministry of Public Health, among them, Dr. Robinson Agramonte and whom will receive a special recognition for their 29 years of work at CIREN next February 26th.

Leader in Latin America and with international recognition in the study of movement disorders and Parkinson’s disease, Epilepsy among others, CIREN is celebrating its foundation with important achievements in favor of the health in Cuba and the world.

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