Cindy Sheehan: Cuba sends doctors to the world and US troops

Havana, July 10 (Prensa Latina) The difference between Cuba and the United States in the face of any crisis in the world is that while Cuba sends doctors, teachers and engineers, the United States country sends troops, activist Cindy Sheehan said.

Praising Cuba’s solidarity vocation, Sheehan expressed that she fully supports the proposal to nominate the medical brigades of the international contingent Henry Reeve to the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize.

‘I don’t think there is anyone or any organization that deserves it more,’ emphasized the woman, born in Inglewood, Los Angeles County, California, on July 10th, 1957.

It would also be an award for the Cuban Revolution and an honor for the people of Cuba, who deserve to be rewarded for their long dedication and fight for a better country and world, the woman said.

The pacifist noted that she has traveled to Cuba many times, where she met very good doctors and other medical professionals, and she really admires Cuba’s commitment to the health of its people.

For decades Cuba has been the target of the racist imperialism of the United States, which Cuba has been able to combat with the force of its revolution without renouncing the human rights of its citizens and international solidarity, as per her words.

She acknowledged that it is very fortunate to have a government like Cuba’s that can be trusted and it is known that it will take care of the needs of the population. ‘You have a better health system than we do,’ she stressed.

‘I remember in 2005 when Hurricane Katrina decimated New Orleans, when Cuban doctors were ready to help, but the United States government refused’, Sheehan said.

‘However, healthcare here in the United States is pathetic and based on benefit rather than people’s health’, Sheehan said, who stated that ‘most people rightfully don’t trust our (state or federal) governments, because they have never put an interest on the people first.’


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