Chinese Friends of Cuba Slam US Blockade

Beijing, Jun 15 (Prensa Latina) Chinese friends of Cuba have ratified they will hightened their friendly actions towards Cuba in their efforts against the hardening by Trump’s White House of the economic, financial and commercial blockade on the island, which they described as unfair and contrary to the aspirations of a better world.

Former Chinese ambassador to Cuba Li Lianfu told Prensa Latina his confidence in the strength and good will of the Cuban people to defend their sovereignty and not yield to pressures by the US Government while insisting on suffocating the Revolution.

He denounced and rejected the growing U.S. political and economic hostility toward the West Indian nation and many other states around the world, including China.

Nevertheless, he predicted that the firmness and resilience of the Cubans will help them once again to confront and overcome Washington’s aggressiveness.

Han Qiu, a young lawyer who studied Spanish in Cuba, emphasized that strengthening the blockade is an act of injustice. He called on all nations to unite to confront it and make the world a better place.

Li and Han participated at a solidarity with Cuba event, attended by 60 former diplomats, Chinese professionals who had studied on the island and descendants such as the prominent painter Flora Fong.

Cuban Ambassador Miguel Angel Ramirez remarked that for almost six decades the blockade has been the main obstacle to socio-economic development, but the fight for its lifting is a priority. Cuba will not be intimidated and thanks to international support in the face of a hostile policy described as inhumane.


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