China criticizes US commitment to sanction Venezuela before Covid-19

Beijing, Mar 13 (Prensa Latina) China criticized today and expressed firm rejection of the United States applying more sanctions to Venezuela to the detriment of the public health of the people, just as the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic is spreading across the planet.

Geng Shuang, a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, denounced to journalists the negative impact of Washington’s punitive measures on the socioeconomic development of the South American country and medical care for its population.

‘At a crucial moment in which the governments and peoples of all countries are fighting together against the epidemic of a new coronavirus, the American side, however, is determined to continue shaking the stick of sanctions against Venezuela, which is going against the minimum spirit of humanity’, he said.

The Foreign Ministry spokesman highlighted China’s position in favor of resolving the internal situation of the Latin American state through a peaceful, negotiated way, without external interference or extraterritorial unilateral sanctions.

We ask that the United States join in the same direction with the international community to cease interference in Venezuela’s internal affairs in order to achieve peace, stability and development, he concluded.sus/rgh/ymr

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