Che’s Daughter Has Intense Visit to Argentina

Cordoba, Argentina, Aug 17 (Prensa Latina) Aleida Guevara, daughter of Argentine-Cuban guerrilla Ernesto Che Guevara, is carrying out today an intense visit to the city of Cordoba, where his father lived a part of his childhood.

Visiting this nation to attend the International Meeting ‘A Better World is Possible’, which concluded yesterday, Aleida participated in several talks in which she shared the life, thoughts and anecdotes of his father, and visited Villa Nydia, a simple Guevara de la Serna family house in Alta Gracia.

Exciting days marked the meeting, convened by the UMMEP (A Better World is Possible) foundation, a prelude to the 5th medical and culture brigade that bears the name of the Argentine-Cuban guerrilla, become a meeting of brotherhood where the need of permanent struggle was once again ratified.

Under the premise of that historic phrase that a better, fair world with opportunities for all is possible, delegates from many parts of the continent committed to internationalism and the construction of the Patria Grande (Latin America) staged debates in search of strategies to face the current moments the continent is suffering.

Aleida was there, not as Che’s daughter, but as a doctor, taking a little of her solidarity to her father’s homeland and her message of struggle.

Yesterday’s meeting was exciting at the headquarters of the Luz y Fuerza Union in Cordoba, where what she experienced these days she described as very intense, to unite more ties, see how we are doing and how we can continue to improve.

The meeting in Cordoba, extended for five days, was an advance of what will happen in Santos Lugares, in Santiago del Estero province, with the 5th ‘Ernesto Che Guevara’ Medical and Cultural Brigade. This group emerged in 2013 as of the need to have a meeting for the graduates of the ELAM (Latin American School of Medicine in Havana).

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