CEBRAPAZ Brazil Reiterates Position Against US Blockade, Supports Cuba

Brasilia, Sep 11 (Prensa Latina) The Brazilian Center for Solidarity with the Peoples and the Struggle for Peace (Cebrapaz) has reiterated today its indeclinable position of demanding the immediate end of the U.S. economic, financial and commercial blockade against Cuba.

Cebrapaz joins its voice to those around the world who demand ‘the end of the imperialist and criminal blockade imposed by the United States against the revolutionary socialist Cuba’ almost six decades ago, the entity said in a statement.

The text also demands that the government of Washington pay fair compensation for the gigantic material and humanitarian damages caused to the Cuban people, whose calculations are estimated at more than 120 billion dollars.

The blockade by successive US administrations against the island constitutes in practice the negation of the founding charter of the United Nations, based on the equality of rights of men and women, as well as of large and small nations, and on the self-determination of peoples, it points out.

The statement recalls that for more than two decades, and consecutively, the U.N. General Assembly passed resolutions condemning the U.S. blockade by an overwhelming majority. In 2017, it states, there were 191 countries voting against the criminal blockade and only the United States and Israel voting in opposition.

Also the Association of Cubans Resident in Brazil-Jose Marti reiterated its position in a statement in which it stressed that for almost 60 years ‘Cuba has been and continues to be a victim with increasing intensity of a criminal economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the government of the United States of America.

After pointing out that since 1992 the international community has condemned this unilateral measure through resolutions of the UN General Assembly, it deplores the fact that in the face of these so-called American governments, with the utmost arrogance, they have ignored the issue.

Furthermore, the present administration of President Donald Trump has stepped up measures against our country like never before, trying uselessly to break it, according to the statement.

‘We are blocked by the example Cuba offers to the world of resistance, dignity, sovereignty and courage against the imperialist monster; by the example Cuba shows regarding advances in education and public health, among others,’ the document further states.

The condemnation of the prolonged U.S. blockade was also expressed here by the Movement for the Reintegration of People Affected by Hanseniasis (Morhan), an entity that for 37 years has been fighting in Brazil for the rights of people suffering from this disease and against their discrimination and social inequality.

‘This blockade is an unacceptable demonstration of disrespect for the human rights of a sovereign people which has given an example to the world of what can be done in the areas of education and health, respecting the premises of its Constitution’, assesses the note sent to the Charge d’Affaires (a.i.) of Cuba in Brazil, Ambassador Rolando Gomez.

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