Cayo Guillermo Dolphinarium Has Been Renovated

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Ciego de Ávila, Cuba, Dec 6 (Prensa Latina) One of the most attractive extra-hotel offers offered by the Jardines del Rey tourist destination is the Cableski Dolphinarium Recreation Center, located in Cayo Guillermo, which today shows a completely renovated image.

Prior to the passage of Hurricane Irma in that territory the transfer of the dolphins to Cienfuegos and their return is one of the exciting stories reported by trainers and workers of the center, who came together to minimize the impact of the meteorological phenomenon and ensure the return of the protagonists of the center.

The head of the dolphinarium brigade, Adys Gutierrez, told the press that currently the center offers all services with its six dolphins, which include baths, interaction and platform.

Of the offers, the most popular and complete is swimming with the dolphines, where the client can stay with the mammals for approximately 30 minutes due to the exercises that they carry out in their interactive program and in each session participate up to 10 people.

Gutierrez explains that the dolphins are emotionally fit, perform their activities with their usual charisma and vitality, and since their return from Cienfuegos on September 21, the coachers could see that they felt good and even though the mammals did not have the platforms or provide services to the public the exercises with the animals were done.

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