Carlos Curbelo: David Rivera in disguise?

By Lorenzo Gonzalo

I wrote an article talking about the so-called “outsider.” A term used in American politics, meaning “being out,” “to be unrelated to what is happening.”

Lately it has become fashionable among politicians to aspire to a public administrative office, pretending to occupy it, dressed in white, no stains, no connection with the state of things prevailing.

Currently, US policy is so questionable that many consider it as dirty, exercised by criminals who prey on an unsuspecting public, to gain privileges.

Due to that increasingly widespread feeling, many would try to break away from “political” and try to be advertised as new in town, without the interests behind each candidate and announcing they will be exercising their duties for the benefit of the community.

This seems to be the case of republican Carlos Curbelo, who is running for congressman in the elections this November 2014, District 26.

His opponent will be Joe Garcia, from the Democratic Party, who was beaten on two occasions before being elected. The first by Mario Diaz-Balart and the second, in 2010, by the then State Representative David Rivera.

Rivera, who apparently has a tendency to use shady procedures in the performance of his duties, was involved in an electoral move, which was to create a second candidate to subtract votes to Joe Garcia.

In 2012, García won the elections, while Rivera was down in the political arena as a result of this scandal and others, related to the management of his campaign funds.

The Republican Party who has been dominant in the field of federal representatives in Miami County, has since mounted campaigns to regain that seat which is important, especially to meet the agendas of those who still persist in mixing local policy with Cuba.

This revenge agenda is driven by a small wealthy sector, with an absolute divorce from his countrymen, willing even to finance unscrupulous politicians still living from anti-Castro “story tales.”

Carlos Curbelo is the new character of the Republicans for this contest, presented as an “outsider.” Meant to be a new candidate, when in fact and in 2009 he was appointed as Director of the office of Florida Senator George LeMieux.

Shortly after graduating in 2002, he founded the public relations office of Capitol Gains, a firm that is dedicated to making public relations campaigns for companies of Florida, a kind of lobbying that seeks to favor certain businesses in state contracts, regardless of community requirements.

This is a road often used by the so-called “outsiders.” They engage in lobbying for certain business interests and then aspire to public office, funded by those whose business interests, once elected, defend with impunity.

In 2010, the state governor appointed Curbelo as manager of the Department dealing with transportation and infrastructure “projects.” Also in November that same year he was elected member of the School Board of Miami Dade County, becoming a key factor for the acquisition of funds and the “recruitment” of the companies taking part  in a multimillion-dollar investment in that County school system.

Of his many unpopular ideas is related to the efforts to privatize the bus system of the city.

Regarding the Cuban issue, which unfortunately is mixed with issues of local politics in an unhealthy and unhelpful way, Curbelo has been very in tune with Mario Diaz Balart amendment intended to be introduced in Congress to prevent Cubans who benefiting from the Cuban Adjustment Act, to visit Cuba for the following  FIVE YEARS.

Curbelo is also in favor of further regulate remittances to relatives and limit the specific licenses that allow different professional, cultural, religious and other interests visit the island and share experiences with Cubans on the island.

The same interests that have been supporting David Rivera in the past, are the ones which are working hard in favor of Carlos Curbelo.

Rivera´s  recently gained mediatic notoriety, highlighting the scandal caused by his dirty dealings of funds and violations of electoral rules, is nothing more than a puff of smoke to deflect attention from the real Curbelo and interests that are behind his campaign, which are the same that have accompanied Rivera in all their outrages.

Because David Rivera corruptions and tricks  are far beyond him as a person.

Carlos Curbelo is David Rivera in disguise. Choosing Curbelo means further deepen the anti-Cuban policy orchestrated by Congressmen who for years have misrepresented the Miami Dade County, thanks to money from a hate-driven machinery.

Hopefully Joe Garcia, with all its weaknesses and fear of those barks that have lost volume with age, but sometimes seem to intimidate, to continue in office. At least have decency, something that is lacking in the policy of Miami Dade County.

Carlos Curbelo is not an “outsider” but an “insider,” someone who has always been and has been part of the same group detrimental plots against the welfare of the citizens of Miami Dade County.

Actually no need to dust much reality to convince Carlos Curbelo is only a masked David Rivera.

So I see it and say so.

* Gonzalo Lorenzo, a Cuban journalist living in USA, Deputy Director of Radio Miami.


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