Caribbean Biological Corridor Area Marks Environment Day

Baitiquiri, Cuba, Jun 5.-  The Ecological Reserve in Baitiqui, a pilot community of the international project Caribbean Biological Corridor (CBC), is marking today here the World Environment Day.

The improvement of the socio-economic and productive indicators of the locality, the rehabilitation of degraded ecosystems, and the promotion of renewable energy sources, are some of the indicators that shows this area just hardly more than one year this regional initiative was implemented.

Sponsored by the European Union and the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), the project, in which Haiti, Dominican Republic and Cuba are involved, encourages the local development in harmony with nature.

More than 10 families and at least 40 working-age people benefited with the new jobs generated since its implementation, Sandra Chapman Stable, coordinator of the project in the province, told Prensa Latina.

The country achieved to reforest more than 20 hectares (ha) with timber-yielding and fruit trees, and other 40 hectares of degraded soils were recovered by applying barriers, said the specialist of the Center of Technology Applications for Sustainable Development (CATEDES). (Prensa Latina)

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