Care for Cuban Nature Promoted at Orchid Festival

Havana, March 10 (Prensa Latina) Scholars and collectors of Cuban plants promote today the care of nature on the second day of activities of the Orchid Festival held in this capital.

The president of the Cuban Botanical Society (Socubot) Alejandro Palmarola, told Prensa Latina exclusively that the flora of Cuba is very rich and diverse, but 50 percent of the exclusive species are threatened.

‘The largest of the Antilles has twice as many plants per square kilometer as Madagascar, and this African island nation is often referred to as a botanical paradise, so it is important to act to preserve what we have,’ he said.

To this end, the Orchid Festival will be held until next March 12 in Quinta de los Molinos garden in this capital, and is organized by Socubot and the Havana Historian Office.

The event groups diverse activities, among them the exhibition and competition of live plants, photographic samples, and conferences on the flora in Cuba and the cultivation and conservation of orchids.

In Cuba there are 130 endemic varieties of the country, which can be found in several places in the wild, accompanied by other specimens of the Caribbean and South American area, which makes a total of 308 species.

Cuba has an Orchid Botanic Garden that was founded in 1943 in Soroa locality, part of this UNESCO Reserve.

It covers about 35 thousand square meters, in which it holds more than 20 thousand orchid specimens divided between 130 Cuban and 700 foreign species.


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