Caravan seeks recruits for Cuba trip

Group expected to arrive in Cuba by end of July

JACKSON, Miss. —A Cuba caravan is traveling across the United States to recruit a delegation to go to the island nation.

The group made a stop in Mississippi on Thursday.

The 26th U.S.-Cuba Friendshipment Caravan is working to recruit people to join them on their journey.

“Part of the effort of this caravan is to really shed the misinformation campaign that is in place. There are so many things about Cuba that people are not aware of,” Pastors for Peace representative Gail Walker said.

Walker is leading the project that will cross over the Mexican border through Texas and arrive in Cuba by the end of July.

“There are opportunities for people to go and explore and understand this tiny island just 90 miles from our shores, and hopefully, that will contribute to improving the relations between our countries,” Walker said.

The group’s bus is loaded with medical and disaster supplies to take to the island.

One member said it’s an experience like no other.

“It’s amazing. When I look back at my life, the times that I worked for free, helping other people, are the most valuable times of my life,” driver John Sutcliffe said.

The caravan will stop in seven more locations before heading to Cuba. The group hopes to have about 50 people and eight vehicles full of supplies.

See video here.

By Jennifer Ortega, 16 WAPT NEWS

July 10, 2015

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