Camagüey Promotes Research on the Nickel Industry

Camagüey, Cuba, Nov 25 (Prensa Latina) Important studies are being carried out today in this central-eastern Cuban region with the intention of increasing nickel production volumes, led by specialists from the Geomining Company of Camagüey.

In a country where the nickel industry is one of the main sectors of the economy, the research focuses on the exploitation of new laterite deposits and the improvement of the quality of the raw material that is delivered to the metallurgical plants.

Camagüey, the largest Cuban region with more than 16,000 square kilometers, has research results that contribute to the increase of scientific knowledge about the nickel from the saprolites of the San Felipe deposit, located north of the main city of the province.

Precisely a group of authors from Camaguey recently presented a work focused on the methodology for the identification and the crystallochemical characterization of the mineralogical phases of nickel present in the crusts of saprolite weathering; proposed for the Prize of the Academy of Sciences of Cuba 2017.

The result allows a detailed description of the strategy used during the selection, documentation, and sampling of the weather profiles of the central region of Cuba.

It also describes the methodology for laboratory work, materials for the processing of results and information collected, with the application of geological, mineralogical, and geochemical tools, with special features for the Camagüey territory.

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