Burkina Faso demands the end of US blockade against Cuba

Ouagadougou, May 11 (Prensa Latina) The Union for the Rebirth / Sankarist Party (UNIR / PS) on Monday ratified its support for the Cuban government and people in their fight against the economic, financial and commercial US blockade for nearly 60 years.

In a message of support for Cuba, posted on Le Pays newspaper, one of the most influential journals in Burkina Faso, UNIR / PS spread that the US government is seeking to stifle the Cuban economy by implementing such a criminal sanction.

In this way, the newspaper posted, the US government is trying to stifle the Revolution led by Commander-in-Chief, Fidel Castro, whose followers ‘have always known how to resist the US invasion.’

Noting that this unjust blockade must be vehemently denounced amid the present global context of a state of sanitary emergency, the UNIR / PS denounced this inhumane sanction imposed by Washington deprives Cuba and its people of their inalienable rights.

In this context, UNIR / PS led by Bénéwendé S. Sankara, called on all revolutionary, progressive and democratic forces to reinforce the internationalist solidarity and fight for triumphant socialism.

The statement specified that in the face of the global collapsed capitalist system, which suffers along with other places of the world from the effects of Covid-19, Cuba proves that with its socialist system, a world of true solidarity is really possible.


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