British government reiterates is against to the US blockade to Cuba

British government reiterates is against to the US blockade to Cuba

London, May 19 (Prensa Latina) The British conservative government reiterated its opposition to the unilateral blockade of the United States against Cuba, and assured that its North American counterpart knows the position of the United Kingdom on the issue, it transpired here today.

According to information released on Tuesday by the Campaign for Solidarity with Cuba, a British Foreign Ministry official assured the House of Commons that the Executive led by Prime Minister Boris Johnson does not support that measure against the Caribbean island.

We consider that the extraterritorial impact of the embargo (blockade), including the effects on UK companies, is contrary to international law, and we are not convinced that these sanctions promote potential reforms or economic progress, said the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the European Community and the Americas, Wendy Morton.

The representative of the British Foreign Office came to the Palace of Westminster the day before to respond to an interpellation presented by the president of the Multiparty Parliamentary Group on Cuba, Grahame Morris.

The question from the Labor parliamentarian had been addressed to Foreign Minister Dominic Raab, and it was about the willingness of the Foreign Ministry to intercede with Washington for the lifting of the blockade on the Caribbean island, and for the end of the restrictions that prevent it from reaching medical resources and aid. humanitarian to face the Covid-19 pandemic.

In this regard, Morton said that the US authorities are informed, both by private channels and by public statements, of London’s opposition to this anti-Cuban policy.

The United Kingdom votes infallibly every year in favor of the resolution of the United Nations General Assembly that demands the lifting of the economic, commercial and financial blockade against Cuba, recalled the official.

Morton also noted that his government is actively working with his Cuban counterpart and other organizations on some ideas to reform the business environment, and provide direct support to British companies seeking to do business with the Caribbean country.

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