Brazilian Workers Condemn Blockade against Cuba and Helms-Burton Law

Brasilia, Aug 17 (Prensa Latina) The Central Unitaria de Trabajadores (CUT) of the Federal District condemned Saturday the tightening of the U.S. blockade against Cuba and the activation of Title III of the Helms-Burton Act against the Caribbean island.

Our organization takes the opportunity to reaffirm the bonds of support for Cuba that is currently facing a series of dehumanizing measures imposed by the U.S. Government in an attempt to defeat its Revolution,’ said Ismael Cesar, national leader of the CUT, who together with Rodrigo Rodriguez, secretary general of the Central Office in Brasilia, handed Alejandro Malmierca, first secretary of the Cuban Embassy in Brazil, a motion of solidarity.

Malmierca thanked the Brazilian workers for their support and spoke about the blockade of Washington more than six decades ago, ‘the most unjust, severe and prolonged system of unilateral sanctions that has been applied against any country’.

He explained that Washington imposed a serious setback to bilateral relations with Cuba after President Donald Trump signed the so-called Presidential Memorandum of National Security on the Strengthening of US Policy towards Cuba on June 16, 2017, which endorsed among its objectives the tightening of the blockade against the island.

In the motion, the CUT Brasilia repudiates the Helms-Burton Law and assures that its action is not only about solidarity, but for the defense of a country’s sovereignty.

We will continue denouncing to the world the hypocrisy that rules the imperialist rhetoric that attempts against the principles of democracy in order to invade countries, provoke wars, murder innocents and usurp the wealth of the people,’ the Central Unitaria reiterated.


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