Born in Miami New Entity to Strengthen Cultural Ties with Cuba

Washington, July 6 (Prensa Latina) The Circle of Ibero-American Intellectuals and Artists, based in the US city of Miami, aims to stimulate the culture, art and free thought, coordinate projects and establish closer relationships with creators and artists Cuba.

It will also be a bridge to the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC) and all organizations of Latin America, Spain and the world to consider art and culture as a means of improving the quality of life of our communities, says a statement of the entity to which Prensa Latina had access.

This organization aims also to receive and promote visits by artists from Cuba and elsewhere, he adds arises.

Constituted this July 4, it integrates men and women from Latino residents in the United States, advocates respect for the sovereignty of peoples and a better relationship between Washington and Latin America.

The note clarifies that for membership is only required the concern in the field of creative thinking, in areas such as literature, art, philosophy, cinema and alternative music videos, history and others.

It explains that clubs and cultural activities will be held in the premises of the Marti Alliance, -set of progressive organizations in southern Florida market, and elsewhere Miami and literary workshops, book presentations, exhibitions, concerts, film screenings and alternative video, poetry and other events.

According to the project managers, the new organization of intellectuals will have its website to promote the work of its members at no cost, through videos, concerts and exhibitions.

In the founding of the Circle of Ibero-American Intellectuals and Artists participated prominent figures of culture in Miami, including the overall project coordinator, Carlos Rafael Dieguez, journalist and writer member of the UNEAC and deputy coordinator Salvador Capote, also writer and journalist.

The closure of the activity was conducted by Max Lesnik, delegate general of the Marti Alliance and also was the President of the project, Damian Diaz.

The gala was animated by Cuban troubadours, Norge Batista and Jose Rafael Figueroa and Spanish composer Francisco Estévez.

During the event the famed Cuban painter Vicente Dopico, Miami resident, congratulated the idea of the creation of the circle of intellectuals and expressed his full support, says the text.

For his part, journalist Ciro Bianchi and writer visiting the city, expressed his satisfaction with the creation of this new platform Cultural and predicted great success.

Roberto Solis, cartoonist and journalist, said that this new institution will promote non-commercial cultural ties between Cuba and the United States.


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