Book on Raul Castro by Russian Writer Nicolai Leonof Coming Soon to Havana

Havana, June 17 .- The book by Russian writer Nicolai Leonof entitled “Raul Castro: A man in Revolution,” will soon be presented in Havana.

Published by the Cuban Editorial Capitan San Luis, the new book makes reference to the life of the president of the Caribbean nation through a chronology of the main dates of his political actions.  The book includes more than 80 photos, some of them previously unpublished.

The book, which has a version in Russian and one in Spanish, has an objective approach to the personality of Raul Castro and evidence of the author’s pride to include a series of important events for Cuba, especially last December 17th, when Havana and Washington announced the start of a process of re-establishing relations. (Taken from Radio Havana Cuba)

Radio Cadena Agramonte, June 17, 2015

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