Book on Prison Journal of Hero Ramon Labañino at Havana Fair

Havana, Feb 16 (Prensa Latina) The Cuban hero Ramon Labañino is launching the book Hombre del silencio (Man of Silence), his prison journal from 12 to 16 years imprisoned in the United States, at the 28th International Book Fair on Saturday.

Like Rene Gonzalez, Gerardo Hernandez, Antonio Guerrero and Fernando Gonzalez, Labañino also served an unjust sentence with common criminals and saw cold-blooded murders, acts of corruption and mafia arrangements, among many everyday events.

Readers will not get bored with this book, I wanted to make it full of anecdotal information so readers can feel what one person lives in a US prison, surrounded by dangers from everywhere, the economist told Prensa Latina.

Knowing the politics inside the prison is essential, you get to a place where you do not know anyone and you cannot sit at any table, even if you get to the dining room and all are empty, because each one has an owner, a different mafia, Labañino stated.

That is the life I record in my journal. I had never seen a human being killed in such a cruel way and I did not know until then the conflicts between mafias and other details, the current vice president of the National Association of Economists and Accountant of Cuba said.

The Five, as they are known internationally, were arrested in 1998 in the United States and sentenced to long prison terms for alerting Cuba on plans by violent groups based in South Florida.

Of them, Rene Gonzalez returned to Cuba in May 2013, after serving 13 years in prison and renouncing his US citizenship, while Fernando Gonzalez returned to Cuba in March 2014, after completing his sentence.

Hernandez, Guerrero and Labañino were released from US prisons on December 17, 2014, in correspondence with an agreement between the governments of Havana and Washington in order to make progress towards the normalization of ties between both countries.


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