Book on Fidel Castro Published in the Philippines

Manila, Apr 14 (Prensa Latina) The Cultural and Friendship Association PHILCUBA sponsored the launch of the book ”Fidel Castro y la Revolución Cubana” (Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution) in this capital.

The book contains reflections on Cuba’s revolutionary process and its importance to the world’s progressive forces by Francisco Nemenzo, former rector of the University of the Philippines and president of PHILCUBA, and by Mamiel Lurinaria, a member of the organization.

When presenting the book, the lawyer Corazón Fabros said that for revolutionaries, it is important to review repeatedly the fundaments of the Cuban Revolution.

She called to continue to support the struggle against the blockade of the only country in the world that has been consistent with its fight against imperialism.

For her part, Cuban Ambassador Ibete Fernandez expressed gratitude for the initiative of honoring, with that book, Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro’s thinking, which has contributed to the emancipation of other peoples who fight for social justice.

The book contains the Manila Declaration, which was approved last year at the 8th Cuba Solidarity Meeting in Asia and which calls on the United States to end the blockade and return the illegally occupied territory of the Guantanamo Naval Base.

The book launch, held at the University of the Philippines, was attended by students, professors and members of Cuba solidarity associations.

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